Sunday, December 1, 2013

Main ship concept for a Gnomon Studios project - UFO of Santa Clarita

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  1. This new work is fantastic, I enjoy a lot of your projects. I do not quite know how this works, because I usually live the net life to where I just do, whatever I want, all the time - but, I took the time to find you because I have sent e-mails to a ton of people and can never seem to find anyone with the answer, the last clue I had found from the movie Chappie is that you were the developer/designer for the Yolandi Robot, my question is that I am working on a bipedal robot project, its very simple, in house, no publicity and does not have any potential for being sold as it just helps me around the house doing pretty worhtless things like turning off the lights or checking my e-mail. So anyway I am working on that but it sjust ugly and I want to spice it up a bit, when I saw the CG for Yolandi Robot I thought it would fit nicely and give it a better look, is it possible for you to share the 3D files associated to it if it is not used for commercial work? As I am wanting to 3D print the entire project to replace the upper carapace that is currently in place. I am really interested in finding out if you are the one that had created that work of art which I am very impressed with, well i hope its possible and as I had said in this spammy message I am not sure of the legality issues or requirements so if you can share them with me so I can continue my project I would be grateful and if not would you at least let me know if you were the one that actually did the original project so my search can at least come to a conclusion. Thank you for your time and all of your work is equally as amazing, keep it up!