Monday, September 3, 2012

It rises , Finaly finished the modeling and the first texture pass,, still some work yo be done.
but here is a hi-res

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hard surface Gun concept

4 hours honking on the concept. Comming out the 3D model in a couple of week.s

Vehicle design award

Recently won the Best of Term award for Vehicle Design at GNOMON school of visual Effects. Soon a 3D version is coming out.


Another 3D ENV, concept by El Rafo, there is a little 5 sec pan in VIMEO

3D environment

MAYA environment, rendering with MR with light fog, and comped in AE.

Mech design

ADV Mech Design at RED ENGINE

Concept to 3D

From my concept on the side to 3d, GILGAMESH carriage.


AK 47, Maya modeling.

Creature concepts

Creature concepts in PS


Some Creature Ideation, PS and Pentel

Older vehicles sketches

More vehicle sketches, cant wait to model some of them in 3d.

Character design and studies

Character Design And Studies, not My strongest but still fun

Icarus sculpt


Icarus, Green Chavant, 20'', with a VIMEO turntable.

Charcoal rocks

Some Charcoal Studies

Environment Concepts

Environment Concepts, For environment design


Mech Fun
Vehicle break down


Concept Ships

Product designing

Product design experiment

I always wanted a Canon Mini-gun

Some vehicles

Vehicle design, Love it